W Properties & Management advises you on your real estate investments to ensure regular income and optimize it.

Our specialists help you build your short and long term future on the basis of an objective selection of properties while ensuring the diversification of your real estate investments to reduce the risk. We mainly work in the Brussels Capital region and the Brabants (FL and Walloons).


W Properties & Management frees you from all the constraints related to the rental management of your assets:

  • determination of the amount of rents based on expected returns and the rental market
  • selection of reliable and solvent tenants
  • limitation of rental vacations
  • signing and registration of leases
  • assistance with entry and exit inventory
  • representation and defense of your interests with administrative authorities and joint ownership bodies.

W Properties & Management guarantees you:

  • monitoring rental payments
  • the calculation of indexations
  • checking invoices
  • breakdown and recovery of charges from tenants. The charges are distributed according to the legal provisions and the specificities of each lease.
  • By regularly drawing up accounts and management reports, we ensure that you are in control of your investments.


W Properties & Management ensures the conservation and growth of your real estate assets:

  • technical inventory
  • help in the design of realistic multi-year investment plans
  • ordering and monitoring of maintenance and renovation work
  • control of operating costs
  • traceability of incidents
  • Through the selection of referenced suppliers and the rigor and transparency of calls for tenders, we guarantee you the best adequacy of resources in relation to the defined returns.


To find out your rate, you add up all of your monthly rents that you want to manage. The result determines which bracket you are in with the corresponding percentage.

  • - 999 Euros --> Minimum 85 euros
  • from 1000 to 1599 Euros --> 8.5%
  • from 1600 to 2499 Euros --> 7%
  • from 2500 to 4999 Euros --> 6.5%
  • from 5000 to 9999 Euros --> 6%
  • more than 10,000 Euros --> 5%


Rental entry:

  • Advice on rental value and tenant selection
  • Compliance of the property:
  • Signature and registration of the lease
  • Organization of the inventory by expert

This does not include the search for a tenant

Rental monitoring:

  • Periodic visit and relationship with tenants
  • Works and maintenance
  • Payment control / Indexation / Settlement
  • Insurance and trustee monitoring

Rental exit:

  • Management of waivers and indemnities
  • Organization of the inventory by expert and transfer of meters
  • Rental guarantee release
  • Refreshment of the property and rental